Announcing: My Hiatus/Retirement

I’ve been putting off writing this this post for a little while  but I can’t delay it any longer; I’m putting GavReads (as a thing) on hiatus (planned to be permanent) which means, in effect, I’m retiring as a ‘book blogger’.

Being a ‘book blogger’ has been an amazing hobby for the last ten or so years. I’ve been privileged to read books before publication. I’ve also discovered, and often become a fan of, authors I’d never have tried without having done it. I’m a fan of cold and quirky European crime because I got sent a novel by Arnaldur Indridason. Most importantly I’ve got to meet so many wonderful people who love passionately love books (waves to Simon, Kate & Rob) .

But behind the blog things have changed. My main change is time. Sadly the time I used to have for reading and then blogging isn’t there.

I’m going to keep this site up as an archive but no updates planned.

Thank you all for reading over the years. I hope I’ve managed to share books you’ve read and enjoyed.

Happy Reading.

PS:  I’ll still be popping in and out of twitter occasionally  to chat and catch up with people.