What I’ve Been Reading #3

I’m going to do my best to make this a weekly post, so I’m sorry for missing last week. I’ve got a touch of readers block. I’ve been reading Night Lamb by Jack Vance as you’ve seen but I’ve not been feeling it. The promise of the blurb vs that slow movement and focus of the tale itself. I even skipped a few chapters to see where it was going but it remains with a teenagers struggle, which I just can’t seem to get into.  All this means that it has turned into a slog to pick up.  I don’t think you can’t knock me for trying to keep moving but I think it’s time to officially put it aside at page 93.

The other thing that’s making me struggle, and this is an issue I hope other book bloggers recognise, is having a small pile of books to review. I’m going to make time to get the pile reviewed so I’m planning  five reviews coming Monday to Friday this week. This might sound odd but if I can a book waiting for review I can read another genre before I’ve written the review but not the same genre, and as I have a fantasy, crime, comic and two re-reads waiting I’ve run out of options. So hopefully getting this done will get rid of the block.

As way of slight exploration why the reviews are outstanding so long is that I’m 4 weeks into a new job that has me going a completely new role and new hours and leaving me mushy-brained during the week. So hopefully that’s going to level out.


I’ve been doing a dash of non-fiction reading too. I’ve been reading more from What Makes This Book So Great by Jo Walton and The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook: Reading the Language and Symbols by Caitlin Matthews. I like Jo Walton’s style of writing about books she’s been re-reading the only thing that worries me is how much she’s read that I’ve never heard of. So, so, so much I’ve also been trying to get my head into Lenormand. I mentioned a few posts ago that I reviewed tarot cards well Lenormand is a cut-down set of playing cards with a symbol on each card, which is unlike tarot as that had an extra 26 cards on top of those used as playing cards. It’s an interesting learning curve.

I have snuck in a short story from the Fearie Tales collection. “Find My Name” by Ramsey Campbell is a gem. It’s very spooky and I think it’s my first Campbell. It’s not gonna be my last.

I’m going to be reading more short stories as I’m so excited to get a review copy of China Mieville’s new collection Three Moments of an Explosion.


What have you been reading?