Comic Review: Generation Hope #10 Marvel Comics

Generation Hope 10

As I mentioned in my review of X-Men Schism #3 I finally clicked who the youngsters were who appeared in several scenes due to the link with this issue. My curiosity got the better of me as I was wondering what I was missing so I bought this issue. Now that I know, well, meh.

It’s great comic if you’ve kept a keen eye on the X-Men I’m sure especially you get to see more from the exhibitions in the Mutant History Museum and we get to see what made Idie enter the fight in Schism #3.It also explores the dynamic of Generation Hope and how the work as a team.

The art by Tim Seeley is great as is his ability to capture facial expressions and mannerisms. The panel layout is coherent as is the dialogue.

But as enjoyable as the whole thing could be I really don’t fancy committing whole heartedly to X-Universe and all it’s interweaving connections right now.


Review: X-Men Schism #3 of 5 (Marvel Comics)

X men schism issue 3

Right, I’ve concluded that this isn’t a ‘jumping on’ point for the X-Men. Not that it’s being sold like that but I’ve just figured out who all those youngsters are that wondering around and that’s only due to the link it has with Generation Hope ergo the youngsters are the ‘team’ of that title.

Speaking of children we get a clearer insight into the new Hellfire Club. And there exploitation of the X-Men’s individual weaknesses. Though it does make me think why no one has thought of this tactic before (maybe they have and I’ve not been around to see it).

A couple of questions come to mind including an object that there is one of suddenly multiplying. Why Wolverine so protective of Idie? is another. Plus when did Wolverine become think first and Scott become so mission over people focused?

Another think that is slowly starting to bug my that’s £2.99 for 25 pages with 22 pages of actual story. Is it just me that finds that pricey?

Overall this is turning into a slightly more confusing tale than expected. It’s a story talking to itself if that makes sense. And after this mornings post I’m wondering if it’s worth continuing?

Comics: My Problem With Mainstream Comics Featuring Several X-Men

For me the images above say a lot about how comic fans get their comics delivered. They don’t get one or two X-Men comics they get six. Apparently X-Men: Schism that I’m reading leads to X-MEN: REGENESIS (which Newsarama does a good job of covering). To be honest I’ve had my blinkers on and not really considered that Schism would lead to a relaunch of all the X-Men books but it’s naive of me really. I should have known better. Especially as I fell into the trap of buying X-Men Schism #3 and seeing Schism written on Generation Hope #10, which made it’s digital debut with that issue. So it must be important to the main events right?


And that’s how Marvel/DC get you to buy more than the issues you are interested in. You need to see what is going on off stage and what  is feeding in to the main events themselves.

We’ll see how it goes but this particular experiment may end if I feel that I’m going to buying more than what I want just to feel I’m not missing out.

Speaking disappointments.  It wasn’t a new Dr Strange solo title coming in December it’s a Defenders title. Might be worth picking up but it’s not what I was hoping for.

Comic Review: X-Men Schism #2 of 5 (Marvel)

Xmen schism 2 1

The trouble with Marvel seemingly releasing digital editions at random is I’m not quite sure when to look for the next book. I assume they are releasing these at once a month. I’m sure it’ll settle down. But it’s not helping a sense of rhythm.

Anyway, leading straight into the aftermath of last issue in X-Men Schism #2 we have Sentinels coming online all over the globe and a mix of mutants and other super heroes.

Some slightly random observations I have no idea who the kids in the school currently are or what powers they possess. There is some connection to Idie and and Wolverine.  Cyclops has aged. If you’ve seen X-Men First Class the Hellfire club has been altered beyond all recognition though I’d place money on the new person in charge being a mutant. I’ve never seen a girl go to quite the extremes one character does over a ‘kitty’. I enjoyed the idea of the current events  trending on twitter.  I’ve never quite seen Namor as an x-man.

Frank Cho’s artwork is really excellent. Especially the panels show over events around the world with Jason Arron’s dialogue make a good combination. Some of the personal choices look a little strange like Colossus’s teeth. But there is no arguing that we’re seeing a team on their game.

The pressure in the story is mounting quickly and it feels like there is a still a lot yet to be revealed. One interesting change in the dynamic I mentioned is the collaboration between the other heroes and the mutants but the low numbers of mutants seems to be creating a survive first and then fight each other second vibe. I could be calling that wrong but it makes sense.

I bought this on release so I assume I’ll have to wait a full month for the next one. Beats a year between books I guess.

Review: X-Men Schism #1 of 5 (Marvel Comics)/A Re-Introduction to the X-Men?

X-Men Schism

One of the things I love about my iPad and the embracing of it by various developers is that it becomes something different each time I open an app (though I do have several apps that do the same thing slightly differently). One app that I’ve been toying with is Comixology and it’s Marvel and DC Comics variants which instantly turns my iPad in any comic they offer. And they offer quite a few.

It seems like a good time to be getting back into comics as DC are going digital and print simaltantiously from Septembers relaunch/push/refire event – New 52. And finally Marvel instead of just filling up their iPad app with old (but none the less worthy comics) are actually releasing books closer to their print release. So I feel confident in commiting to X-Men Schism for at least five issues and we’ll see if that reignites my love of the X-Men (it helps to know I have two or three thousand comics in four long boxes with a good percentage of those X-Men from 1995 to 2002-ish).

So what do I find? There are only 200 mutants left and they live on the Island Uptopia. Scott Summers and a grumbling Wolverine head off to a U.N. International Arms Control Conference only to have Scott’s speach derailed and a humanity/mutant stand off occur.

The X-Men has always been an interesting idea for a comic book series because as mutants they are something to be feared. They have unimaginable (and sometimes unbelievable powers) that in the Marvel Universe are seen as the next stage of human evoluation. What’s different with the status quo played out in Schism #1 is that humanity definitely think they have the upperhand in some ways but are also petrofied of the power that 200 mutants can contain.

I’ve missed the events that changed their world from having millions of mutants to this comparitive handful and have only seen few mutants I know so far but I’m looking forward to seeing how this split happens. There a hints later on about how it’s going to arise. I already know that Scott and Logan go their seperate ways and it shows something about the power of the events to come because there is a scene which shows you the heart of their relationship blow the banter that they have on the surface.

The art and colouring is excellent and really captured the right clean comic art feel that I prefer and that makes me thing of the model comic look. Some nice touches like Iceman on the beach sitting in a puddle of ice/water.

The cover of Issue 2 has two of my favourite X-Men Rogue and Colossus. Things are definitely getting interesting.

Issue 2 Preview

X men schism 2 frank cho