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A Little Reading Space

Many moons ago, I had a book blog*(with the same name as this one). I quite enjoyed it. Then it sort of faded. I changed, book blogging changed, and it didn’t feel the same. 

I am not trying to recapture that feeling by starting a ‘new’ blog. This was a post you may not have gotten to see (I started this post on the 8th Sept 2022) as I was planning a private blog to log my reading. 

But partly what changed my mind was wanting a space to explore and then share the feelings that I’ve had from reading Magic for Liars by Sarah Gailey and wanting to somewhere to say how much I’ve loved The Salvagers Trilogy by Alex White. 

Another thing is I want a place where I can hold myself accountable to my now overwhelming book stacks (thank you BookTok). 

I am going to set myself some rules (TBC). I’m definitely planning on sticking with books already on my shelves (physical & virtual). And not to start chasing the ‘latest’ or most ‘buzzed’ books (though I do plan on scattering some 2022/23 releases into the mix of the coming year’s reads)

I don’t know what sort of posts I want to add. Mini-reviews/reading summaries/spoiler-filled reflections are all options but I have added a page called Books Finished in 2022 that has my star ratings of what I’ve finished this year. This was originally shared on the Bird Site but that doesn’t look as stable as it once was. 

I do want to log what I’ve read and be able to look back at my 2023 (and beyond) reading. And I got a bit nostalgic looking at my old posts and remembering forgotten books when I was considering reopening a reading space. I had completely forgotten that Anne Rice once answered questions for me!! 

I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts on my #ExtendedDarkTowerReadingChallenge – based on a list by The Truth Inside the Lie – I’ve only just finished ‘Salem’s Lot so I do have a long way to go. 

Happy reading and I’ll speak to you in the next post. 


* I have found (I think) all my posts (over 1,100 of them!) though annoyingly I can’t find a batch of images to go with them. I want to reinstate the reviews at a minimum though I may reinstate more (if I can find the missing images). 

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Looking forward to reading your bookish thoughts again. It’s been a long time since I did any meaningful book blogging, though I do still blog on a regular basis.

It’s always a joy to discover new (to me) books through book blogs, as well as on Tiktok etc.

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