About Gav Reads

Gav Reads is my personal reading log.

I started reading seriously when I was 16 or 17. I don’t think you’ll be surprised to know that Terry Pratchett was my gateway into reading.

I used to scour SFX magazine looking for book reviews and then either find them in my library or spend a big chunk of my part-time job pay ordering them.

I am primarily a reader of science fiction & fantasy in all its guises, but I do stray into literary & crime fiction, as well as poetry, on occasion.

I started blogging about books at the end of 2006 and ‘retired’ in 2015… In December 2022, I resurrected this blog and wrote a post called A Little Reading Space to explain my motivation.

I’ve put up almost all of my reviews from the previous versions of this blog onto both goodreads and thestorygraph. I may restore the old posts but it’s a lot of work that takes time away from reading and the now.

Apart from the blog, I loved hosting and then producing a podcast with the powerhouse that is Simon Savidge aka Savidge reads.

I joined twitter in April 2008 to talk about books with fellow book lovers, and since the recent change of ownership, oddly I’ve gone back to enjoying it. Though I have been joining places like Mastodon, Hive etc. too. Basically, if it’s social media for talking books I’m probably there.

I do, however, struggle with Discord and Reddit and Facebook Groups.

You can find me on the socials as @gavreads