I’m Back, Kind of, Sort of: The World Doesn’t Need Another Book Blog

It’s been a while since I last blogged about books. And honestly, the world doesn’t need another book blogger. But I miss blogging. I told someone once that I wouldn’t read if I didn’t blog and that still feels mostly true. I have been reading since I was last blogging. But I don’t think I’ve finished a novel this year and I need some motivation. Or at least some accountability.

Some recent purchases

I am slowly listening to Stephen Fry read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (less than 5 hours to go!), but that’s been on the go since the start of the year. I only get chance to listen on the commute, and even that I am fitting in podcasts as well.

I’ve recently discovered why I was making much slow progress on The Solider by Neal Asher. Something was missing and it’s been bugging me.

I haven’t got the world’s best memory any more so I couldn’t place what it was. But I finally had to give in and investigate. It felt that I should know more about the characters in this story. And so it seems I should have done. The Solider is on hold until I reread Line War (at least).

I am a person so is easily distracted that I’m hoping that having a blog to fill in will be a reminder to read so I then have something to post.

You might see books you’ve think I’ve read. Books that have been out for ages and wonder why it’s taken me so long? I haven’t stopped buying books, I’ve just not made the time to read them. And there will be series I should have finished a long time ago. I might also pop in books that I read a while ago but want to mention again. Who knows.

As I said it’s a blog for me, you’re welcome to pop in and see where I am. I hope you will find the occasional interesting thing to read on the back of my posts.

The next update is going on or before 1st August.

See you then.