Best of 2022 by Others

I have read 26 books this year (I may finish my re-listen of Hogfather by midnight on New Year’s Eve so I’ll have read 27 books) and only 2 (I am as shocked as you!) were published in 2022.

I’m posting more about my reading plans for 2023 in my next post. But if you check out my A Curated TBR Selection & More Books? posts you should spot a few 2022 releases… which will include some of the ones mentioned below.

If you are as curious as me as to what has risen to the top peoples’ conscious for their ‘best’ books of 2022 then this is the post for you.

Of the lists I’ve seen, I’ve highlighted some that I’m interested in reading… at some unknown point in the future.

This post is also a chance for me to reflect on my taste in books at the end of 2022, also at some point in the future, as well as actually go through the best of lists I’ve found.

I’ve also noted at the end of this post some books from 2022 that I want to read that didn’t seem to come up.

But let us begin going through the lists…