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End of Jan 23 Round-Up: Addendum

In my End of Jan 23 Round-Up post I forgot the add the most important section, what I read in January, so here it is.

What I’ve finished reading in January

I finished a book I started in December:

  • The Burning God by R. F Kuang 

A novel from start to finish:

  • Alien: The Cold Forge by Alex White

I am making reading more Alien tie-ins a priority and I’ve got Alex’s sequel, Into Charybdis, all lined up to read in Feb.

I’ve only read on short story, OPTIMIST CLEAVER’S LAST TRANSMISSION” by J. C. Hsyu, which prompted some thought.

And that’s it. Not as much as I’d hoped, if I am being honest.

You can see what I’ve read in 2023 here.

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